Antimony ore, stibnite of rare purity, available for a limited time only!

This high-grade ore was hand-selected at the Empresa Minera mine in Bolivia. Quality of Ore: 71% Antimony, 0.07% Lead, 0.08% Arsenic; this is incredibly rich ore, as the theoretical amount of antimony in Sb2S3 is 71.7%.

In 1993, Triad Laboratories (later Triad Publishing) acquired this ore directly from the owners of the mine in Bolivia and imported it to the USA for sale to researchers, most were members of The Philosophers of Nature (LPN-USA). Les Philosophes des la Nature in France made the same ore available to their members for research.  Size of pieces will vary, however photos show typical sizes of mineral.

Triad-Publishing offers the discriminating student unique courses and video tapes on Alchemy, Qabala and the Western Esoteric Path with a focus on material developed by Jean Dubuis, perhaps the most revealing teacher of these subjects.
Courses developed by Jean Dubuis include, Spagyrics, Mineral Alchemy, Qabala, Esoterics, and his masterpiece, The Experience of Eternity.

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In Loving Memory: Jean Dubuis 
April 29, 1919 - April 6, 2010

Born in 1919 in Oise County, France, 40 km north of Paris, Jean Dubuis was unique in the circle of truth seekers: he was both a scientist and a genuine Adept, alchemist and qabalist. April 29, 1919 - April 6, 2010

Scientist, Jean Dubuis was employed as an electronics engineer. His college studies had been interrupted by the German occupation  of France during WWII and circumstance allowed him to work for several months in the atomic synthesis laboratory run by Frédéric Joliot-Curie, the nephew of Marie Curie. After the French Liberation, his path lead him to work in radio-electricity companies, as they were called at that time. As Jean’s career evolved he became an IBM engineer where he worked for more than 30 years, involved with the evolution of computers, from tubes to transistors to integrated circuits.

Adept, Jean had an illuminating experience at the age of 8 at Mont Saint-Michel where the existence of the invisible world was revealed to him. Slowly, he acquired the conviction and knowledge that the invisible world is the foundation for the visible one. After this finding, Jean Dubuis incessantly tried to re-create his Mont Saint-Michel revelation by exploring texts of the Ancients and submitting these to experimentation. Symbolism, Qabalah and Alchemy are all “traditional: sciences that he studied and applied with a rigorous, free of prejudice method.

As a member of several esoteric philosophical groups, Jean first presented numerous lectures, forums and conferences on Qabalah, especially on the structure of Man and of the universe. Beginning in the early 60s, Jean began publishing articles on these topics in the newsletters of these groups in France and the U.S.A.

Jean strived to demonstrate in the laboratory the alchemical practice which he had previously studied theoretically. He succeeded and developed a plant alchemy course so others could have the opportunity to experiment. In order to spread this teaching in 1979 he created the “Les Philosophes de la Nature” an association that he presided over and animated for 12 years. The “Philosophes de la Nature” published and distributed to its members the teachings of Jean in the guise of monthly monographs that included theoretical and practical exercises. The Spagyric course was followed by a course on Mineral Alchemy. There were additional courses offered in Qabalah and General Esotericism.

In parallel to the activities of the French association, Jean Dubuis continued his contacts with the U.S.A. which in 1988 lead to the creation of the American association named “The Philosophers of Nature”. The lessons were translated into English and the association organized several largely attended seminars in the U.S.A. where Jean lectured and continued to share his knowledge.

After leading “Les Philosophes de la Nature” for 12 years, Jean transferred the management of the association to others in order pursue new research, particularly in the field of mind machines. Results were shared with some members who had assisted in the trial phase of those experiments.  Several years later when Jean realized the spirit of Les Philosophes de la Nature had been compromised and the fraternity and tolerance that previously animated  the association had been rapidly lost, he decided to dissolve it.

Jean Dubuis had never ceased to explore others paths that lead to “Initiation”. He had always maintained that the ultimate goal of Alchemy and Qabalah was progression on the Path that leads to “self-consciousness”. In that spirit, Initiation is the reconnection of conscious communications with upper levels of one’s Being. This is represented by those Sephiroth above the material level (Malkuth),  up to the Tiphereth level that Jean called the “Inner Master”. Acknowledging these traditional Paths are lengthy, (and costly in the case of alchemy) he continued to develop a set of ideas and methods that allows access to a much faster progress by basing his teaching on a modified version of the Tree of the Sephiroth, presented in the graphic symbol that Jean called “Portae Lucis” and which is the supporting element to the meditation exercises offered in this new method of spiritual progress. This corpus was published into a new document called “Experimental Treatise – The Experience of Eternity” that was published both in French and English.

Jean Dubuis passed away two weeks short of his 91st birthday and spent his last moments working and researching efficient techniques( especially through magnetic, auditory and visual stimuli to the brain) that would induce mental states allowing one to develop consciousness and out of body experiences. Although unfinished, the progress had been very promising. He used to say: “I know this is a path of the future. I do not know if I will be the one who will conclude this business but I know some are on this path throughout the world. It will bring a tremendous social change when people realize there is life without the body and all major religions will collapse because people will have direct perceptions of the other worlds and will be able to judge based on knowledge, not faith”. Perhaps, as for all great men, it was his unfinished Work. Perhaps also his findings were too early for the planet.

Jean will be missed by all the people that came in contact with him. His incredible teachings as well as his personality, never judging others, never playing guru, always hinting or suggesting and never condemning other’s behaviors, place him in the very small circle of true initiates that throughout humanity’s history bore in secret the real title of Rose-Cross.

P.M, a friend and brother

A Masterpiece:

Jean Dubuis' final treatise, "The Experience of Eternity" is available on CD-ROM and as a printed book.  This is the definitive work on the so-called "Portae Lucis method".

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The Archives of Nature 

The online archives of The Philosophers of Nature (PON).  Browse selected newsletter articles and transcripts of a 1992 seminar of this well-known group

An Alchemical Story:

The Portal: A Story of Love, Immortality and the Philosopher's Stone
by Russell House
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From the author's fleeting vision of "a man in ragged cloak flapping around an alchemical furnace like a crow" flowed The Portal. Richard, an alchemist, pursuing the Philosophers' Stone, and wife Melissa, are members of a Brotherhood that exists to aid humanity; they are teaching a young brother and sister about the hidden nature of things.

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